Moving Sale” A Multi-Day Immersive Art Exhibition. February 11th-14th 2021

“Moving Sale” was a reproduction of a previous exhibition that was held in July 2021 called “Garage Sale”. Showcasing in Romana’s shed at a former house she rented. “Moving Sale” was constructed inside of a storage unit as a restatement of what “Garage Sale” was about – the need for creative spaces and gallery integration amongst marginalized POC in a white dominated art city. “Moving Sale” took place inside a moving truck parked on a side street with walking access on Belmont. The reason being is that as BIPOC artists, we have to fight for the right to creator and gallery space in order to share our truth. Romana has seen struggles as woman of color trying to integrate into gallery spaces as well as unaffordable maker-space rentals in Portland, OR.

Romana, known mostly by her artist name, romonsta, started art2space in production of “Garage Sale” circa July 2021. Romana defines art and expression as a need next to food, water, shelter, and community.

Romana struggled with having all of her creativity return to her in the midst of the pandemic while waiting for unemployment to come through. In this duration of her financial struggle while job searching, she found herself running out of art supplies and no funds to fuel her life’s calling. She started a fundraiser via buymeacoffee.com and raised 99% of her goal to supply free art supplies to BIPOC communities including children, c3po, and attendees of Portland Art Picnic’s Juneteenth event in which she dispersed all supplies to attendees and built a free art supply library. The free art supply library was featured in the exhibition for her students to receive amongst her as a teaching artist.

After the show’s final production she searched high and low for any place to move her exhibit and came to a dead end on galleries not responding, people not knowing her as an artist in the community. Romana’s momentum is an all inclusive space and anyone can be a part of, regardless of their status as an artist.

“Romana Sena during her featured exhibition on February 13th”

Moving Sale! An Immersive Art Exhibition featuring local Portland artist, Romana Sena, inside of a moving truck. All ticket proceeds went to art2space 501(3)(c). This event was by reservation only with Covid-19 safe protocols.

Graphic by @versachi.chis

Garage Sale (July 2021)

Please read “The Bible” during films

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Featured Films showcased upon entry in the exhibition “Garage Sale”

Garage Sale, July 2021 to August 2021, was an immersive art exhibition showcasing solely the workings of Romana Sena. Film, Audio, Textiles, Painting, Poetry, Light Instillations, and Theatre were all involved in this production. It was free to attend.